Professional Superyacht Chef

Professional Superyacht Chef


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Course Outline for IYT Superyacht Chef

The Superyacht Chef is an IYT certified course, giving you the edge needed to make it as a successful chef in the yachting industry. This information-packed course covers a fully comprehensive overview and introduction to the yachting industry. You will also learn skills obtained from years of experience by top international chefs who have travelled the world. 

We aim to offer an informative and fun course that will prepare you for success.

Course Contents

  • Learn what's involved in charter and private yachts

  • The season and locations - tips from our experiences working around the world

  • Industry expectations - How to land that job

  • Living on board and dealing with stress

  • Gallery management and equipment

  • Chef's responsibilities on board a yacht

  • Basic health and hygiene

  • Questions and answers session

  • Health and hygiene

  • Due dilligence

  • Waste management

  • Daily routines

  • Advanced gallery management

  • Passage planning

  • Provisioning

  • Loading and storage

  • Preference sheets

  • Menu planning

  • Guests

  • Product recognition

  • Season product recognition

  • Product availability

  • Presentation of menus from sample preference sheets

  • Guests, nationalities and religions

  • Cuisines, examples of menus and recipe

  • Western and Eastern, Mediterranean, Russian, American, UK, Middle Eastern and Asian impacts on cuisine and food ettiquette

  • Dietary requirements and allergies

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